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The diary of Sergeant Samuel John "Jack" Drew M.M., August 1918 to January 1919.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Page 8 - August 25th

Sunday 25th dawned upon us with orders to shift, so after breakfast we packed up, cleaned camp etc. & left about 10am for a place called 'Ebenheim'. After a walk of about 2 hours we found ourselves up within about 1000 yards of the front line (due to our officer being too experienced in map reading). Well after a lot of considering etc. the officer went back & found the Major & came back to us, so we had to walk about a mile further back.

We were rather glad to get back, & about dark we had our dugouts picked & cleaned ready to sleep in. Our pick was a German one with 5 bunks. Went to bed at 9:30pm.

Friday 25th saw me off the the physiotherapist at 8:40am, with daughter in tow as she wants to observe the flow of communication between me and the physio (for a Uni assignment). Things are looking good, but the new exercises are hard. He says it will be 2 years before the hip is feeling 'natural' again. A hot day predicted for today, and so it turned out to be. More fires fanned by the warm north-westerly winds. A phone call at night from my sister to inform that Mum D has decided that she will, after all, come to Brisbane tomorrow and stay with us on Saturday night while sister plays Scrabble. That means a morning drive for me into the foreign land of Logan Central to collect the old dear.


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